Handmade in Germany

 All our ornaments are made in Coburg, Bavaria 
Each ornament is made by an Artisan Glassblower.
Ornaments start as a glass tube and are blown into a mold. Many molds are hundreds of years old
Each piece is unique.
Once the ornaments cool, they are ready for Silvering and Finishing.
High quality glass is given extra strength and brilliance by applying a silver coating over the glass.
This silvering method is not typical these days, many of our competitors do not use high-quality materials.
The first of many coats of paint. Each ornament is now transferred to artisan painters!
This process allows for meticulous quality control, and a first-class ornament.
Some ornaments take several steps both in painting and in decoration.
We import our products directly from Germany to Milwaukee and know they will make a great addition to your Christmas Tree!