About Us




Gebhardt Trading Company was born out of a love of collecting German glass Chrismas ornaments. Owners Eric & Jess loved purchasing handmade German ornaments at Christmas events, but noticed they were hard to find at events in their hometown of Milwaukee. Even as German-themed events became more common, there weren't any ornaments! Since 2015, their business has grown to be a reliable presence at German festivals throughout the year.


Gebhardt Trading sources all of their product from one manufacturer: IngeGlas. IngeGlas is a centuries-old company whose trademark star-shaped ornament wire can be found on Christmas trees around the world. All of the ornaments are made by hand, dipped in sterling silver, and decorated by artisans. These ornaments become family heirlooms, passed down for generations. One of the Gebhardts' favorite parts of working at these festivals is hearing all the stories of collectors whose Christmases are marked by hanging their IngeGlas ornaments, handed down to them from grandparents or great-grandparents. Whether you are adding to, replacing, or starting a collection, the goal of Gebhardt Trading is to have an ornament that fits on the tree of your dreams!


Thank you so much for supporting a small business, and a passion for quality artisan craftsmanship! It is a joy each and every year to receive the delivery from Germany and see the delightful new ornaments to sell. Hopefully the ornaments sold here will become part of your family's Christmas traditions. There's always room for one more on the tree!


Fröhliche Weihnachten!


~~ The Gebhardts ~~